Breakfast Plate 20x25cm

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The Tintenrebell Breakfast-Plate comes in a coloful sublimate print.

it is made out of 100% polymer, 20x25cm of size, 4mm thick and weights aroun 320 gr, It is food-safe and you can use it in your microwave.

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You can choose one out of 13 different motives:**

Nr. 1: Space-Banana

Nr.2: Cute but Psycho

Nr.3: Early Bird

Nr.4: Monster-Doodle

Nr.5: "Time's up"-Owl

Nr.6: Lion

Nr.7: Schmandru

Nr.8: Butterfox

Nr.9: Chocolate-orgy

Nr.10: Tanto

Nr.11: Wild and free

Nr. 12: Teafox

Nr. 13: Racoon

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10 Pieces = 20%

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(The actual print may vary in details from the shown example-pictures)


Taking Care of this product!

Do not use this product for cutting eatables! The print may loosen while cutting and may stick on your food. The plate is not dishwasher-safe! Hand rinsing only!


Sending options!

Please be careful while choosing the options for delivery. Feel free to ask, if you have any problems!

Delivery time: 14-20 days.


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Delivery weight: 320 g
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