Cutting File Advend Calendar 2020

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Summertime, Christmastime...? Not at all! But it is the best time to plan the season and the best time to buy the Tintenrebell Advent-Calendar!


Pre-Order the Tintenrebell Advent Calendar Now! (Pre-Order with the special price will End October 15th, 2020)


With this purchase you will recive a brand-new Cutting File every day (from December 1st, 2020 to December 24th, 2020).

The File will be sent to your E-Mail-adress.*

You also recive exclusive access to the Facebook Tintenrebell Advent Calender Group (content may be in German) for ideas, sugesstions and exchange (Invitations will be sent to your E-Mail-adress*). The group will also contain the daily file for download.


You want to give the Calendar to someone else as a gift? No Problem! Please fill the order and delivery comments with "gift" and the valid E-Mail-Adress to where the files should be sent.


You purchase solely the access to the Tintenrebell Advent-calender mailinglist and you will recive 24 cutting files in December 2020.

Aquired data-sets are compatible with commercially available cutting plotter devices.

This offer does not contain finished goods!


Modifications to existing data-sets and files is striktly prohibited. Please get in direct contact with Tintenrebell- Sue Kunkel in case you need an individuell solution.

If you want to use the Cutting files on a commercial basis, please contact Tintenrebell/Sue Kunkel. You are not allowed to use this files for commercial production!


Any infringement will be prosecuted.


Copyright by  Tintenrebell Buntschwarz Design® - Sue Kunkel


Questions and suggestions are welcome to


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*Valid E-Mail Adress is needed. There is no possibility to sent the files afterwards!


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